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Just The Sports: Getting Rid of Dead Weight

Just The Sports

Monday, January 01, 2007

Getting Rid of Dead Weight

In regards to Reggie Ball, I wrote, facetiously I must confess, awhile back that he was the only quarterback who could keep wide receiver extraordinaire Calvin Johnson under one hundred yards receiving. After Georgia Tech's offensive outburst against West Virginia today, it looks like that snide comment was not far from the mark. Finally, with Ball declared academically ineligible for the Gator Bowl, the world was able to see the potential of Georgia Tech's offense fully maximized, potential that Ball had impressively kept under wraps during his four years as Georgia Tech's quarterback.

Not only did Tashard Choice rush for 169 yards, but Calvin Johnson set a career best in receiving yards with 186, throwing in two touchdowns for good measure. Alas, this birth of Johnson as an elite college receiver, who is actually allowed to showcase his immense talent in a game, has come too late to make a difference for Georgia Tech over the long term as Johnson will no doubt be declaring for the NFL draft within the next two weeks.

As for sophomore quarterback Taylor Bennett, who completed 20 of 30 pass attempts for 333 and three touchdowns, he had a better game in only his second collegiate start than Ball had for his entire 49-game NCAA career. No statement can possibly describe Reggie Ball's futility as a quarterback than that one.



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