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Just The Sports: I Told You So

Just The Sports

Friday, January 12, 2007

I Told You So

There are some people who are above saying 'I told you so.' I do not happen to be one of them. Those four words, more than any knowledge that might be gleaned from statistical research, prompted me to take a look at three NBA rookie point guards: Jordan Farmar, Marcus Williams, and Rajon Rondo. The number would have been four had Kyle Lowry not broken his wrist after seeing action in only ten games, thus rendering any comparisons involving him inconclusive.

Before the 2006 NBA draft, I told anyone who might read my words that Jordan Farmar was the best point guard prospect in the draft class, Kyle Lowry was second best, Marcus Williams was third best, and Rajon Rondo was the worst of the four point guards in overall play. Of course, those making the draft selections ignored everything I said, which resulted in Rondo being picked first out of this bunch, Williams second, Lowry third, and Farmar fourth.

At this point in the season, though, I am feeling vindicated as Farmar has outplayed both Marcus Williams and Rajon Rondo. None of these point guards are averaging mind-boggling minutes or points, but Farmar has made the most of his time on the court. He is averaging 6.0 points per game on 56.0% eFG% shooting, meaning that he is more efficient with his scoring than Williams, who averages 6.3 points per contest on 43.9 eFG% from the field, and much more efficient than Rondo, who manages 3.6 points per game while shooting 41.1 eFG% from the floor.

Farmar is also at the head of the class in terms of the ratio of his assist rate to his turnover rate. Currently, Farmar's ratio is 2.2:1, Williams' ratio is 1.7:1, and Rondo has a ratio of 1.6:1 so not only has Farmar been the better shooter, but he has done a better job than the other two point guards in his handling of the basketball.

My only hope now is for Farmar to maintain his superiority lest I have to take back my words.



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