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Just The Sports: 2007-05-06

Just The Sports

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Frank Lampard's Disappearing Act

Concerned about Chelsea attacking midfielder Frank Lampard's disappearance during the second leg of the UEFA Champions League match against Liverpool, Lampard's friends and family members filed a missing persons report with the Hammersmith and Fulham Borough Police. The report set in motion a search for Lampard that culminated with no one being able to account for his inexplicable disappearance and then reappearance once the match ended.

The one who first became aware that Lampard had most likely been kidnapped or worse was his fiance and mother of his two children, Elen Rives. "It was the weirdest thing," Rives said during the initial police report. "Frank told me he had a game that day and I even saw his name in the starting lineup. Then during the game I searched and searched for him and I couldn't see him anywhere, at least not anywhere close to the main action on the pitch."

"Naturally, I was concerned and alerted the police," she added. "How was I to know once the game ended Frank would come back from safe and sound from wherever he went?"

Once the disappearance of Frank Lampard was reported, the case was directed to Chief Inspector Bob Rowlands, who regularly polices local football matches. Even though Lampard was found later, Rowlands did not allow that to deter him from solving the case of the whereabouts of Lampard. While reviewing the tape of the Chelsea-Liverpool match, what Rowlands saw only reinforced what Rives stated. "One moment you see him and then the next, poof, he's a ghost. True, he showed up for corner kicks, but only to disappear again as soon as they were taken. And the weirdest thing is Frank claims he was on the pitch the whole match, but that can't be true so he was probably just having a laugh. After all, the video doesn't lie."

"If I could figure out where he went to, then maybe we could prevent a repeat occurrence in any other big games he plays in," Rowlands added.

That was not even the first time Lampard went missing during a match as he has done the same thing for the England national team on multiple occasions whenever they needed his attacking and goalscoring prowess the most. Despite the repeated requests of his friends and families to quit disappearing and scaring them during his football matches, Lampard regrets that he cannot promise he will not disappear again.