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Just The Sports: 2010-08-22

Just The Sports

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Arizona Cardinals Are Doomed Now

Decisions like the one just made by Ken Whisenhunt are my least favorite part of following sports because of how frustratingly ignorant they are. His tapping of Derek Anderson to be the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals flies in the face of all that is empirical evidence. In order to save everyone the time required to follow the Arizona Cardinals, I will let everyone know what is going to take place during Anderson's tenure as the starting quarterback.

The quarterback Derek Anderson was with the Cleveland Browns when he completed only 52.9% of his passes and had only 6.4 yards per pass attempt is the same quarterback he was at Oregon State where he only completed 51.1% of his passes (in games where he either had the most passing yards or the most passing attempts) for 7.1 yards per pass attempt and the same quarterback he will be from now until he stops playing football.

No matter which team or coach Anderson plays for, he is going to be one of the worst passing quarterbacks in the NFL and will torpedo his team's chances of winning every time he receives a snap. For the Arizona Cardinals, Anderson will continue to struggle to complete half of his passing attempts in a league where the media completion percentages since he entered the league in 2006 have been 60.9% in 2006, 62.3% in 2007, 61.2% in 2008, and 60.7% in 2009. Even in Derek Anderson's best season in 2006, he could only manage to complete 56.5% of his passes, making him the epitome of an inaccurate, below-average quarterback.

As if that were not bad enough, Anderson will also throw too many interceptions. His interception percentage of 4.1% is the same as his touchdown percentage of 4.1% so for as many touchdowns as he throws to help the team, he will throw just as many interceptions to sabotage the team.

Anderson is one of an all-too prevalent breed of quarterback whose arm strength makes everyone ignore their lack of accuracy and good decision-making. The Cardinals are about to find out what having such a quarterback as a starter entails, which will be as many wins as losses.

Ken Whisenhunt is drastically overrating his talents as a coach if he thinks he is going to change the kind of incredibly bad quarterback Derek Anderson has always been. Look for both the Arizona Cardinals and Derek Anderson to rank near the bottom of the league in all passing categories this season.

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